12 and pregnant (EDITING)

12 and pregnant (EDITING)

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Melanie White By xx_prinxess_xx Completed

Meet Winter Marie Summer she's 12 and in middle school. 

Her and her boyfriend of 5 months had sex and the condom broke. Now she's a pregnant pre teen. 

How does her parents react? Will she get bullied? Will her Luck change after she meets her idol? Will she keep the baby?

Will her boyfriend stay with her? What will happen? Read the story too find out.

Tamimi20166 Tamimi20166 May 15
i would cry bc i going to guess that my parnets are really mad at me or wont help me
heck I'm 13 now and I've never even held someone's hand how did she bang someone jfc
12. How can you do that by yourself when you're 12, like is u ok?
Tamimi20166 Tamimi20166 Sep 12
im just alittle offened by the book u use a 12 ear old pregnant thats crxy i wonder y u did that bc some ppl is getting pregnant at 10 for rape or other things
MYRNA102201 MYRNA102201 Jun 29
Where your parents. You should be playin with barbies not boys. But I'd fight that bitch
What 12 year-old has sex while *normal* 12 year-olds play with frickin barbies and their phones. I see if you get pregnant at 15+ but come on, 12?!