The Kiss Game

The Kiss Game

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Scarlett Dale.
What you'd call shy, nerdy, no-social-skill....

All lies. 

Some might say she spends her Friday nights studying, doing homework. 

They're wrong. 

She spends her Friday nights, at a fight club. 


No one knows. 

Well, until she sees a guy named Oliver Burns, the new guy at her school. And for him not to tell anyone, he wants something in return. 

He wants to play a game. 

A simple game. 

The kiss game. 

Rules are easy.

He gets to kiss her whenever he wants. If she says no, secrets out. 

She only has one problem. 


He seems cocky, annoying and just plain rude. 

But on the inside, he's one of the sweetest people ever. 

Will she say yes to the game or will her secret get out? Read to find out!

(Created by @_charlotte_rose_)

Omg I'm stArting to sound like that one cat that says nononpnonnononon.. lmao
This sentence makes NO sense. I'm not a hater but I'm just saying
You pulled away a minute ago when he grabbed your hand.. But now you're hugging??
Well she was at a club ... A fight club. But today she was banging a girl if catch my drift
The sound of my heart
                              The beat goes on and on and on and on and
bugunbunny bugunbunny Sep 13
It's meant to be they both hand Alex $20 @Thisdoggylikepasta