Say Something

Say Something

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He was the boy that ran.


She was the girl that waited.


“Ten years later.” Addison couldn’t believe who she saw standing in front of her, leaning against the tree they climbed as kids like he never left town. “Ten years later and you’re back. Why?”

“I heard you were getting married,” Carver said, “and I couldn’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t come.”


Here I was thinking they were young innocent children before they start swearing...
Oh no! I wonder what happened! I wonder why he left. 
                              This was such a sweet beginning. Addison is fearless and Carver is loyal. 
                              *reads on*
I just gotta say this: you KILLED IT with the summary. One of the best blurbs I've ever read on WATTPAD. Now I'm super excited to read this!
If a guy told me that I'd legit get sad.... I know it's true but just when you're with some I always get confused between like & love .... I know they have different meanings but it's just me
Dead_Flowers_In_Bed Dead_Flowers_In_Bed Dec 19, 2015
I didn't actually know that this was the Roman numeral for 4..... I knew all the other ones though
RainWhisker RainWhisker Oct 30, 2014
Just to say . . . I LOVE your blurb. (I'm totally going to read this book and fangirl and then cry because it's a short story and there will only be four parts.)