Creepypasta Rituals

Creepypasta Rituals

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.Nattsvermer. By Spooky_Nightmare Updated Apr 21, 2017

Creepypasta Rituals, I don't own any of this stories or experiences. Do them if you are brave enough.
WARNING: be careful with your
 decisions, is dangerous to do this rituals. I will not be responsible if something happens to you. Good luck.

Have Fun.


Do you have any suggestions to rituals you want to see?
Leave me a message, or  comment on my page and i'll try to add it.
If you send a link to the ritual the better.

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kibasu kibasu Apr 16, 2017
So there's a chance that he will capture you even after the game is done?
yanderekarasuma yanderekarasuma Aug 17, 2017
provoke like.... WOHOOO MIDNIGHT MAN MA BOI I'M HERE... like that?
_baka_kat_ _baka_kat_ Oct 05, 2017
A Reason for eating really bad sugary snacks and drinking coffee
taecheese taecheese Oct 19, 2017
i feel like my dumbàss might just fall asleep while in the circle of salt wtf
_baka_kat_ _baka_kat_ Oct 05, 2017
Midnight man probably will stop stalking me after two minutes because of my boring life
FiXXXer1138 FiXXXer1138 Mar 17, 2017
I'll have you know he's a very gentle lover and he lives cinnabons