Creepypasta Rituals

Creepypasta Rituals

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Spooky_Nightmare By Spooky_Nightmare Updated Nov 27

Creepypasta Rituals, I don't own any of this stories or experiences. Do them if you are brave enough.
WARNING: be careful with your
 decisions, is dangerous to do this rituals. I will not be responsible if something happens to you. Good luck.

Have Fun.


Do you have any suggestions to rituals you want to see?
Leave me a message, or  comment on my page and i'll try to add it.
If you send a link to the ritual the better.

For caution, I am in the living room with lights on and my family with me while reading thau
Karman_xo Karman_xo Aug 25
There's this girl on YouTube that does all these types of games, and she still manages to sleep at night
Well I do occult but it has a high chance of death, nah not gonna
Karman_xo Karman_xo Aug 25
I watched this girl play it, it was entertaining yet spooky at the same time
Metalicana Metalicana Jul 27
How do we provoke a creepypasta? Insulting him? Not that I'm gonna try anyway. I dont even know why I'm reading this book. But it caught my scared attention
Dead5Girl Dead5Girl Jul 20
I want to do this soooo bad but the only thing that im afraid of is the part when he always watches me. and yes im not afraid of my worst nightmare and riping guts out been there done that got the t-shirt
                              not really but still im not scared of death