Young Mate

Young Mate

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Tatum POV:

I groaned loudly as my alarm clock blared its annoying wake up call. I reached out and shut it off the same way I do every morning: by punching the top of it. 

I pulled my short, chubby body out of bed and pushed on my big, black nerdy glasses. I stumbled into my bathroom and looked at my round, freckled covered face. 

I shook my head with a disapproving sigh and took my dull, dirty blonde hair out of its messy bun. I brushed the knots out of my hair, brushed my teeth, and trudged tiredly to my closet. 

I pulled out plain denim jeans to cover my big thighs and an army, green oversized t-shirt to hide my chubby body. After dressing into my clothes of choice, I slipped on my grey Bobs and grabbed my school books and work. I made my way downstairs and to the kitchen, seeing my beautiful mother.

You see, I'm adopted. I sport a short, chubby, pale skinned body and dull dirty blonde hair while my mother has a tall, slim, perfectly curved, tan body and long, straight red hair....

ladyqueen2001 ladyqueen2001 Jul 13, 2016
What the hell oh hell no those stupid good for nothing boys. And to see we have to go with them
ladyqueen2001 ladyqueen2001 Jul 13, 2016
Tatum the only Tatum I know is Channing the hot, sexy, good looking guy from magic mike
mariesanes mariesanes Jan 04
why do they always have blonde or brown hair is black hair ugly
ImTheLibrary ImTheLibrary Apr 26, 2016
Your teachers are horrible. Arent all of them supposed to be there for a pep rally i believe
karlee7911 karlee7911 Jun 21, 2016
This is litterly me....short 5'4  ,chubby 163  ,blind as a bat -1.25 and -1.00 and covered in freckels with  blue eyes just to top
ladyqueen2001 ladyqueen2001 Jul 13, 2016
I don't like school it's boring I don't want to go but I need an education 
                              School aka hell hole