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Yes Sir (Tronnor Fanfiction)

Yes Sir (Tronnor Fanfiction)

298K Reads 6.8K Votes 24 Part Story
Jordan By sluttytroye Completed

Troye moves to California to have a better life for himself and to become successful. He works two jobs that don't pay that much and barely gets by with just living in a small apartment in LA. He finally gets the courage to apply for a job at Franta Records, which he gets. After a little while of working there, he starts to get noticed by Connor Franta, the Founder of Franta Records. 
After finding out who this Australian is, he becomes quite intrigued with him and starts introducing Troye to the finer things in life. After some time Connor tells Troye that he has greater intentions than some short love affair, and offers Troye a deal that would turn his world upside down, in exchange for his freedom.

Warning: There will definitely be a lot of smut in story. Not sure when, but there will be. I most likely won't give a warning, it'll just happen. 
Also, this is a BDSM type of fic, like 50 Shades of Grey but less masochism and no emotional abuse. 
There will be no triggers like rape, self harm, etc. 
If I put something in and I think it may be triggering, I'll make sure to put a trigger warning at the beginning of the chapter.

coffecuptronnor12 coffecuptronnor12 May 28, 2016
I actually love that you added this for some reason... 😕 puts more realism in the story.
-sundriedfranta -sundriedfranta Jun 06, 2016
"Average looking " pfff I'm over here looking like a burned tomato
0hHiThere 0hHiThere Jul 07, 2016
                              Honey, no, we aren't meeting a fan your name is ZOE
ItsJustJay02 ItsJustJay02 May 17, 2016
Mr. Franta ......... Lol FSOG ALSO PAST TRONNOR (if you know that book, we can be friends)