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BTS SMUT (rated r)

BTS SMUT (rated r)

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Faith K By faithxsuga98 Updated Nov 04, 2016

You walked up to the Big Hit studio, you could hear BTS's Danger blasting inside. You walked in and saw J-Hope, your adorkable boyfriend, practicing the choreography really hard for their upcoming showcase. The song ended, and you clapped exclaiming "Wah, Oppa that was so good!" "Oh jagiya, you're here?!" He ran over and pulled you into his arms. "Eww... Oppa you're sweaty!" He grinned at you devilishly, and pulled you towards the locker room showers. You tried to stop him, saying "What if we get caught?!" "That just makes it more fun." He says while winking at you. He pushed you in and locks the door behind him. He lifts off your shirt ignoring your protests. "Oppa!" You pouted at him. "I'll just have to make you crazy enough to where you won't worry, huh jagiya?" Before you could fully process what he said, you were shoved against the wall. His lips at your neck nibbling, making your eyes roll back. You tried to hold back your moans so it wouldn't encourage him, but when he found you...

xLaynicornx xLaynicornx Mar 07, 2016
\{  •_• }/
                                 (.    )   IM DONE... TAKE ME AWAY J-HOPE
                                  ]. ]
namjoonsaranghae namjoonsaranghae Mar 22, 2016
O my god i love this part, only the last part she was forgiven. O my god i felt hot there.
Suga011 Suga011 Mar 31, 2016
Holy Jesus .... This smut makes me wanna go at my ex and beg him to fukkkk me!!!!!!! I'm turned on AF I need some holy water
xBangtanB2uty xBangtanB2uty Aug 23, 2015
                              And this newb just read your smut
                              Praise Suga's PRAISE
daijahraine daijahraine Jul 13, 2015
oh my god this made me, an atheist, consider picking up a bible. Seriously though you're really good at writing smut lmao
iadorechanyeol iadorechanyeol Apr 26, 2015
i read it 3 times anD IT'S A SIGN THAT I AM A SINNER. god bless u master.