The Bad Boy Next Door

The Bad Boy Next Door

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Sierra By Ibme123 Updated Nov 21, 2017

"W-what are you doing?" I stuttered out as he locked the door behind him, my only way out. 

"You know I don't share, and I don't intend on starting now." He looked at me suggestively as I backed into the wall, and he stalked his way over to me. He put his hands on both sides of my head. "You're mine Ali baby, and there's no way I'm sharing you." And with that, he slammed his lips onto mine. 


Alice (Ali) Ford was a nerdy teenager girl. She used to get picked on, until he moved next door. He being, the drop dead gorgeous bad boy known as Seth Williams. Since he moved to the little town known as Rosewood, no one has dared think about her wrong. But what happens when a new bad boy moves across the street, and he has his eyes on Ali?

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DishaLEL DishaLEL Apr 15
                              BUT I STILL WISH I WAS CANADIAN...
Miss Ali! Fabulous she! Ali ababwa! (I was going to write the whole song but it deleted it out for me when I actually exited out of it)
FandomQueen10325 FandomQueen10325 Dec 09, 2017
I am British. Thank you for the compliment. I am sure you are awesome too.
Kylo1323 Kylo1323 Feb 10
I hate most people! So don't get on my bad side guys, but preach to the British thing
hilfigerhoe hilfigerhoe Dec 11, 2016
I read this as a British accent before even reading the parenthesis
AnnieDoreen AnnieDoreen Oct 12, 2014
I've only gotten through Chapter 1 but this book is AMAZING!!! Just one little thing, in Chapter 1 you say that Seth's family all went on vacation and then not long after that his mom comes in saying dinner is ready. But anyways, it's AMAZING and I've only gotten through 1 chapter!!! :))))