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Rin X Haru Fanfiction--Fever

Rin X Haru Fanfiction--Fever

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jaws3d By jaws3d Updated Jan 22, 2015

Rin catches a really bad fever and Haru has taken it upon himself to look after him. Will Rin's affliction give Haru a chance to confess? And what about Rin?

If you're new here I invite you to read the edited version because it's way better. And if you're interested in seeing the old crappy one...go ahead and read it then. And if you already read the first one, well, here's a slightly better one.

Mostly fluff but there is some language and mild sexual content in here so READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Free! or any of the characters in this fanficution.

Rin: But Haru, I'm not 
                              Haru: What?
                              Rin: Nothing, just get me food, babe....
                              Haru: Huh?
SkittlesHoran SkittlesHoran Jul 01, 2016
I'm not sick, I just want to take my shirt off in front of you
Yaoi_Fanboy_Af Yaoi_Fanboy_Af Mar 22, 2016
I have strep throat :( Haru!!Please come take care of me too!!!
I hate cough medicine it don't matter if it's cherry or blueberry  it's still nasty 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
I swear, I'm about to squeal during my math class. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. URGHHHHHHH. My teachers just like "if you're not looking at me, you aren't paying attention" and I'm just like "shhhhhh, let me read fanfics"
I swear, if they start making out, I'm going to scream and die all over my desk again