Are you kidding me?! Dean Winchester x Reader

Are you kidding me?! Dean Winchester x Reader

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Prank wars.

That was a habit of the Winchester brothers that you didn't particularly like to take part in. However sometimes you would help Sam prank Dean only to get revenge for the pranks he had pulled on Sam and for yourself of course, cause the looks that girls on bars sent him and he pretended not to know about were enough for you to get jealous and want a payback.

What kind of girlfriend wouldn't?

But normally you wouldn't participate in them because you knew that the more people took part the longer the pranks would last and the more work you would have to do afterwards.

Yes, since you were the only girl that lived with them you couldn't but clean up the mess they left afterwards, just like this time.

"Agh" you groaned "So I cleaned the whole kitchen and there is no sign of ketchup and I also  gathered the exploded bottle and broken chair" you said as you walked into the living room where Sam sat with a book on his hands.

"By the way, how did you manage to make the whole b...

Ca1tl1n1 Ca1tl1n1 Jun 12
Omg I knew it. Omg Dean what have you gotten yourself into. I was thinking *this must be a prank, like why else would they put in game faces and have the umbrella brake*
You shouldn't play with fire, you just might get burned. Take Mary and jess for example