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#BlackLivesMatter By HecDaevis Updated Jan 12

Keane has a supernatural gift, so he's forced to train as an SAU Agent. Unable to escape, he's determined to graduate and to keep his partner, Neal, safe.
After a spike in chaos energy, the government can no longer deny there are super-powered individuals in the world. Keane is one of the strongest, able to manipulate molecules with his mind, able to change the world at will. Because of his power, and the power of people like him, the government forced everyone who could manipulate molecules into the SAU: the Supernatural Aid Utilization program. Forced into a brutal training regime to become agents, Keane and the MM's in the program are paired with normal counterparts. Soon the bodycount in the program is staggering. People are dying, as are the gifted, and it's stripping the survivors of their humanity. Keane has had enough when he's suddenly assigned to Neal: a good, kind man. Soon Keane is determined to earn his freedom by graduating, and to keep Neal alive through the process. Because the two of them aren't just teammates - they're partners. Maybe one day even lovers.