Give Us A Chance...

Give Us A Chance...

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I Am Back! Again... 3rd Time By Willnide0357 Completed

The cover was made by MissEvelynRose

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Daniella Brown, she is the less confidence, beautiful, right mind woman. She has everything what a man wants. She didn't expect to be in a open marriage with her best friend Jermaine. Now he doesn't want do anything sexual with her. But can Daniella figure out a way to give them both a chance? 

Jermaine Brown, a ladies man, a freak in the sheets. Number one guy that every girl talks about. He loves sex, best way to reveal stress and ignores everyone around him. When he got married to Daniella, he didn't want to do anything with her. He has no feelings, attractions to her even if she is the perfect woman to be with. But will he able give her one chance? 

WARNING: There is sexual content! Freaky stuff! You have to be 16+ If not! I suggest you do not read this book! I'm warning all of you! Also you have to follow me, some chapters might be private! 


  • bestfriends
  • betrayal
  • drama
  • family
  • freaks
  • freaky
  • friendship
  • heated
  • love
  • marriage
  • openmarriage
  • parents
  • secrets
  • sexual
  • temptation
  • tension
Lovelyj2343 Lovelyj2343 Jun 01, 2015
This I a good story and I'm excited to move on with it. Just watch the you put things in the sentence  because while reading certain things don't flow together. I hope you don't take that to offense . Your a wonderful writer.
Kilies Kilies Oct 05, 2014
The story is really good and the dialogue is great, but I'm having a hard time reading the descriptions cause they aren't written in any clear tense...but great so far!
Willnide0357 Willnide0357 Sep 29, 2014
@MissEve_ Why Mickey for? She just trying to help out Daniella with her marriage out lmaoo but thanks!
MissEvelynRose MissEvelynRose Sep 29, 2014
Great chapter! I like Chaine, he's a cool guy, very encouraging. I'm going to keep an eye on Mickey.
MissEvelynRose MissEvelynRose Sep 29, 2014
That was a really really bad idea. Bow we all know, This Mickey is getting be one if the chicks apart of that open marriage.
MissEvelynRose MissEvelynRose Sep 29, 2014
Hmm. I'm guess she was against the engage but held her tongue once they walked down the aisle.