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Nia Ariel ♥️ By XxNotTonightXx Completed

In the new world of werewolves, where she-wolves are now in charge, Alpha Emilia has made a promise to herself. When her mother puts her trust in her mate and ends up dead because of it, Emilia automatically detests the idea of having a mate. Along with promising herself to be the ideal Alpha; headstrong, in charge and of course Imperious, she vows to never let her mate sway her judgement or her ruling over her pack. 

  And now, two years of ruling Furious pack without meeting her mate, Emilia's vow remains intact. But when she finds her mate and things begin to come undone. She really finds out what it means to be headstrong, in charge, and -- most of all -- imperious.

Cover made by the one and only: @RachelS8766 

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Award: TheWolfyyAwards of April-June 2017 Category: Budding Romance Place: Second Place.

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world_joy_ world_joy_ Jul 10, 2017
Wait I'm so sorry- what happened to her mother? (I'm sorry!) gasp! Did her mate kill her? Who killed her?!
world_joy_ world_joy_ Jul 10, 2017
so her mother's mate isn't her father? She doesn't seem to have a lot of affection for him
seelylee seelylee Oct 15, 2016
I like this twist! This looks like it's going to be interesting!!
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Oct 16, 2016
You might want tonchange the names up a bit. Theyre so similar that i read emily twice and got confused.
- - Oct 04, 2015
Very nice storyline but the name got me stuck for a while cause it's too similar. I like the unique concept where female actually leads rather than the male. Nicely done
no offence but why Zoe as Emilia?, shes 40 and already has kids, the youngest she looks in her pictures are 25-30, love the book and im rereading it but this just bothers me