Raped and Pregnant

Raped and Pregnant

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kelly why u do me like that By aria-ayamie Updated 3 days ago

Jessica is a teenage girl who is living alone because her mother died when she was fifth teen. she is bullied by Mikey and only has one friend but she's OK with that. 

Mikey has always had a 'thing' for Jessica but bullies her because she won't give him what he wants. 

he rapes her one day and soon after she becomes pregnant.

will he step up and be a father?
will she keep the baby?
will she tell him?

read and find out.


  • action
  • drama
  • pg-13
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • teenpregnancy
SavageK6 SavageK6 Apr 15, 2017
What the h*ll? Only detention?! Nicceeee! At my school it would've been an automatic suspension, lol😅
bookishgirl90 bookishgirl90 Jun 14, 2017
Five to ten in the afternoons is what I wish I could have had when I was in school. Ten is not late compared to one in the morning.
halleymariiee halleymariiee Feb 17, 2016
Why do people correct others as a writer. Tf? Don't be rude. 👇🏽 you.
firework47 firework47 May 19, 2016
Guys maybe it's just how dumb this chasity girl  is and how she can't say a whole sentence without using the proper words or grammar
kayanithickk kayanithickk Nov 25, 2016
Why you gotta grab her hair? You don't want her to pull your weave out of sum?
kayanithickk kayanithickk Nov 25, 2016
Get the hell up real quick and grab the closest thing next to you