I'm a Bloody Stark

I'm a Bloody Stark

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I grew up in mid town. I lived with my detective of a mom. She loved me and I loved her even if I was adopted. She was always there for me. Even when she got engaged.

My dad didn't even know I was alive to tell the truth. I didn't even know who my dad was until he became my teacher. 

Oh ya. That's right. This mess all started because the avengers became my teachers. Way not the best way to meet your old man for the first time.

First Book in The Starks series

fredforlife fredforlife Oct 17
OOOOOOOOOOOH BUUUUUUURN!!!!!! He's gonna need Antarctica for that burn!
Son-Tenya Son-Tenya Jul 27
I would come through with some some a dat cold water from the Arctic or the Antarctic but your burn was so bad they evaporated
Niamhy2810 Niamhy2810 Sep 08
Last year mined sucked and this year we are afraid of our maths teacher, she used to be a prison guard
Y is everyone thinking about Pietro? It's probably that guy in Xmen who has the same speed/ability as Pietro (I'm still crying about his death tho so don't judge me)
                              I HAVE A NEW NICKNAME FOR TONY
                              Did anyone ever realize that Tony and Leo Valdez could be twins, not including looks or powers.
If James is 15 and Steve is 34 than Steve was 19.... And it was during the war.... And romanoff was not alive