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The Bookworm meets the Prince

The Bookworm meets the Prince

1.2M Reads 30.9K Votes 29 Part Story
Vanya Klarika By Bookworm2293 Completed

Rumor has it that the Crown Prince of Sarconia is in town, but nobody really knows if this is just a rumor or a fact. So when bookworm Lizzie Donalds spends more time in the library because her parents banned her from buying and reading books yet again, she is surprised to meet a new guy that hangs around the library just like her. Could it be that the rumor is not really a rumor but a fact? Could it be that this new guy she has been spending time with be the crown prince himself? Could it also be that the crown prince is slowly but surely falling for her bookworm charms? Read and find out

Jenniplite Jenniplite Jan 18
Um... I can read the Harry Potter series in 24 hours. They call that addiction? xD
humanwhoreads humanwhoreads 5 days ago
My favorite book! No that's cruel, how about a refrigerator!
jademon13 jademon13 Feb 13
I read at least 5 a day is that bad.  I might not get my five a day in fruit and vegetables but in books I do.
My school librarian is like that, too. She let's me check out more books than everyone else because she knows that I'll actually read them
Dude, I can read and finish a 600-700 page book in the span of a school day and my parents don't say anything until I start talking to the book like it's a person, which is VERY often.
That's not bad at all, on the contrary, it means you can still have life