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The Bookworm meets the Prince

The Bookworm meets the Prince

1.2M Reads 32.6K Votes 29 Part Story
Vanya Klarika By Bookworm2293 Completed

Rumor has it that the Crown Prince of Sarconia is in town, but nobody really knows if this is just a rumor or a fact. So when bookworm Lizzie Donalds spends more time in the library because her parents banned her from buying and reading books yet again, she is surprised to meet a new guy that hangs around the library just like her. Could it be that the rumor is not really a rumor but a fact? Could it be that this new guy she has been spending time with be the crown prince himself? Could it also be that the crown prince is slowly but surely falling for her bookworm charms? Read and find out

Darcy.... and all characters are my crushes well he is now one of them !
I suck at makeup too.... when my hairs open I look like medusa two and I HATE make up!!!!
I feel naked without my watch and glasses well under dressed
When the bad boy isn't the love interest everyone is after his head. But when he is the main love interest he could tell her he would shoot her and everyone would be like "it's fine he's just denying it."
See, THIS is one of the reasons we bookworms like hardcovers so much. If someone's creeping up on you, WHAP! Book in the face!😈📕
No joke... my parents do this... that confiscate all my books, disconnect my wattpad account from all devices... It feels like prison