I'm Not Your-ANYTHING, Alpha *Completed*

I'm Not Your-ANYTHING, Alpha *Completed*

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Ella & Ali By fraternalbooklovers Completed

***Slowly Undergoing Editing***
Astrid has been a rogue all of two years and she LOVES it. She's not looking for a mate but she has a annoying habit of getting herself into trouble. So, when she passes through the Rapax Pack territory everything goes to hell. Not only is her snarky attitude pissing off the Beta and already pissed of third in command but she'll discover that she her mate is the alpha. 

Unfortunately, Astrid isn't looking for a mate and despite the pull of the mate bound, she has her experiences with them and it NOT interested. But, the Alpha and his pack are persistance to keep Astrid here even if that means kidnap. 

Will Astrid let her inner wolf pull herself to the Alpha and the powerful Rapax pack or will she be biased and stick to her lone wolf life full of secrets and distrust? 

She isn't a friend

She isn't a mate

And she isn't your-anything, Alpha

This is my first story on wattpad so sorry if it sucks ~ Ali

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Nellkie1 Nellkie1 May 05, 2017
Yes it's possible to be more than 💯% because I had 120% once in English
jensenweik jensenweik May 05, 2017
My friend said confuzzled and I was like "Do you mean confused?" And she said "What is confused?  I said confuzzled because puzzles are hard"
BecauseILoveIHate BecauseILoveIHate Feb 17, 2016
Actually, in this case you can be 700%. This is referring to how much more protective he is. It's the percentage that the number has dilated. If you were to say he was giving 700% effort or something like that, it wouldn't be possible but in this case it is.
- - Mar 12, 2016
I said thanks to my friend the other day and then she said "your whalecum." I did not get it until she showed me the tumblr post 😂
puppylover5813 puppylover5813 May 12, 2016
I say sallable instead of syllable.  It's something that happened during school.
anooshipie anooshipie Apr 05, 2016
i literally squealed when i read theo james! and then i had to fake cough to hide it! p.s i love the cast!