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R H E A  D A Y By rheaday97 Updated Feb 12

"I missed having a little CAS in my life." he smirked letting his eyes show a little life. It was a sight to see and no words could do it justice. 

"What's CAS?" I frowned confused. 

"It's who you are. Crazy, Awkward, and Sweet." 


After her mother takes a job out of the country, Matey Greer is sent to live with her estranged father and his new family. The wooded sleepy town of Palo Ville is a stark contrast to her fast life in Miami. But with a larger than life character like Matey--things will undoubtedly shake up. 

Follow Matey as she embarks on the cusp of something a little CRAZY-'Like kissing the scariest girl in school', a little  AWKWARD- 'Like accidentally impersonating a doctor', and a little  SWEET- 'Like falling for a guy who seems weary of love.' 

*strong language and heavy sarcasm-read at own will....I'm not twisting your arm. Or am I?* 

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brinly13 brinly13 Jan 22
Lmao I hate myself I thought of IB CAS like creativity, activity, and service.
bookluv_100 bookluv_100 10 hours ago
Sorry, for having to tell us to refrain from correcting your grammatical issues. It is just who we are in this world, but, I will try to meat your wishes. Even, if my name is Correct-It.
                                 ~Good Day.
crazydoofus crazydoofus Jan 31
I thought it's College of Arts and Sciences HAHA not funny -_-
*looks at your hand on my arm* Could you stop twisting my arm tho?
Um, I think you mean Cute, Amazing and Sassy *snaps fingers*
No you're not....unless you're in my house....-looks around- you're not here are you?.......OH GOD