Fairy Tail Beach*Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia

Fairy Tail Beach*Nalu, Jerza, Gale, Gruvia

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BunnyEucliffe By BunnyEucliffe Updated Aug 13

Hi minna this is my first story so um....yeah here's the first chapter.

Hope you enjoy!

-Lucy's POV-

It's such a lovley day today, I was heading to the guild excited to see my best friend Natsu! Once I opened the big doors to the guild I was greeted by a chair to my stomach.

I stomped to Natsu and Grey took out my whip and-

"why Luce" Natsu cried in pain, but Grey just walked away with no injuries(mostly because he used Natsu as a shield)

I walked away to the bar leaving Natsu rolling on the floor holding his head.

"Good morning Lucy!"Mira greeted me as she handed me a strawberry shake.

"Morning Mira, you seem very happy" I said between sips.

"oh well you'll find out some news soon" Mira whispered to me while pointing to the master sitting on the other side of the bar. Then-

"listen up you brats" he yelled "Scince you did fairly well in the games, I have decided to reward you with a trip to......" There was a long pause then master spoke again-

"Springs Spawn Resort!" 


Calasti Calasti Jul 19
What type of car is this that it can carry 10 people and 3 cats😮😮😮😂😂
Guppy9263 Guppy9263 Sep 04
50 shades of scarlet; a movie about a girl named erza who goes on adventures with a boy named jellal and it's called 50 shades of Scarlet because she goes from a light blush caused by jellal to the darkest red from the blood of her enemies!!!
It's not best friend author~chan! IT'S OBVIOUSLY SOULMATE! XD
Omg.... Ejeijekficwosjdixhvjaosieheuxsjshsiabsudowndgcsiwjdboddnh 😍😭
see...SEE!!! she SHIPS nalu! everyone makes her such a mean girl! She is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF MEAN!!!!!!!!!
- - Sep 15, 2015