The Hacker [Pokemon Fanfiction]

The Hacker [Pokemon Fanfiction]

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Rose *INACTIVE* By Dragons_Rose Completed

1st place winner of the Romance 2015 Pokemon Watty Awards
"Falling in love only can bring pain. Love can only be stolen from you right as you realize it. Or maybe right before."

She was fifteen and a kid-genius.

She was fifteen and living a life no child should, but so many do.

She was fifteen when the accident happened.

Her life would never be the same.

Leaf Verde was a fifteen year old girl when she hacked her Pokémon Red game and fell across a failsafe. One that took her into the game.

Once inside the virtual world, Leaf Verde is ordered to clean up the mess she made. All of the imported hacks. She will embark on a journey that she never could've imagined back when she sliced through codes in her room all alone. It wasn't too long until she found herself falling for the fictional world of numbers.

But as destruction encroaches and the truth is revealed,

nothing will ever be the same.

The feelings the girl held for the world,

Can and will be used against her.

"And I was too late to save him, too late to realize."

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This name tho it seems really familiar but I can't put my finger on it....
                              Nope still can't put my finger on it...
spookishima spookishima Jun 23
I had to reread this like 3 times to understand what it was saying lol
Me: One you hurt my eyes now my eyes are going to be even more messed up two *kicks her out room* IM FINE!
aanarosman aanarosman Jul 09
guys the funny thing is that red in the later games has those *haked* pokemon all three starters so wtffff
techy_tinks techy_tinks Aug 06
I most certainly did not use cheats on every Pokémon game I have.
silhou_ silhou_ May 22
the concept of technology kidnapping people was so good that i "implemented" then tweaked it to make my "draft" (or book, if u consider it as that) thanks to the author for the inspiration... and please dont sue me...i do give credit if wanted/needed :)