On My Way Home (PTX/Kavi/Scomiche fanfic)

On My Way Home (PTX/Kavi/Scomiche fanfic)

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After crash landing on an island, the band has to cope with the fact that they'll be there for some time. Each of them left something behind equally important and moving on seems harder than ever. On the island, where time no longer exists and all their problems are gone, they learn things they never knew about each other and themselves.
(Kavi and Scomiche)


"Do you think they'll ever find us?" Mitch asked.

"Who knows how long we'll be here. Everyone probably thinks we're dead," Scott replied. He couldn't stop thinking of Alex.

"Don't worry, we will be found," Kevin said. "When that rescue boat comes, we'll get on it and we'll go home."

Kirstie rested her head on Scott's shoulder, looking out at the water. "You guys don't know how lucky we are," she said. "We could've been...we could've died."

"But we didn't," Scott replied.

Scott: "pick you fast like a flight far away from here" *scott floats away*
I'm supposed to be watching Kirstie Scott and Mitch on Bones in thirty minutes but I'm re-hooked onto this fanfic
Jazznat99 Jazznat99 Apr 30
                              *starts laughing because I'm a terrible person*
Jazznat99 Jazznat99 Apr 30
What if that's why the plane crashed? Because Scott refused to turn it off XD
Oh My God!!!!!! I would be freaking my ass out over that. Horror movie in my life is that.