I Was Kidnapped And... I Liked It? Boyxboy.

I Was Kidnapped And... I Liked It? Boyxboy.

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Elise. ❌ By TheAngelsDevil Updated Feb 17, 2016

A week. That was all it took, a week for Shane to notice that he was being stalked. 
A week too long. 

He had been getting stalked for close to a year when his soon to be kidnapper started to slip up and get cocky, but by then he had already advised a plan for stealing Shane right out of his own home. 
Did anyone notice though? No.

Shane wasn't an ordinary boy, he didn't like people very much, he only ever had one close friend who was taken away from him a year ago to the day, and his mother went crazy when his dad died. 
His life wasn't great. 

So what do you do when you get kidnapped and you like it?

Well, you fall for the incredibly sexy guy that kidnapped you of course! 

There's just one problem. He's a gang leader. A powerful gang leader, and he's dangerous. More so that any person you will ever meet. So Shane is in for a hell of a ride when he decides to let his heart do the thinking instead of his brain for once.

Because what's a boy to do when you get kidnapped and you like it?

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jluck1010 jluck1010 Feb 01, 2016
I'm so fricken confused with this whole thing I don't know why I hope the next chapter explains what happened before he was taken
jluck1010 jluck1010 Feb 01, 2016
YouTube reference here>> Little Lockie channel Lachlan, TheBajanCanadian,  and JeromeASF
DreamlessAshes DreamlessAshes Mar 30, 2016
.... I thought that he meant she moved when it said she was taken away... nvm.
ChronoH0 ChronoH0 Sep 27, 2015
Hm this sounds like familiar
                              i know there was a show that goes like this one