The Alpha King's Mate ( Rewrite)

The Alpha King's Mate ( Rewrite)

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Belle By Zelmirrah Updated 6 days ago

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Cover Credit: MayTijssen

Started: 5th August 2017


Frustrated with the fact that he can't find his mate, Ryker Zeke Federov plans royal balls in hopes of meeting the one who is solely made for him.

It's all in vain until one day, the invitation card falls on the doorstep of a mortal and things take a turn for the worse in Arabella Lynn Drexel's life who thought that she had her whole life planned. 


kkathin kkathin 6 days ago
I've tried a relationship with Nutella Ice Cream but he complains that he does all the pleasing.
Latestwiggle Latestwiggle Apr 26, 2016
I can already tell she is an amazing author 👏👏💝💝💟💓💖
TheEyeofMoonstar TheEyeofMoonstar Jan 31, 2016
I love unicorns too. I totally understand that the food's not asking you out, I've been trying to get pizza to ask me for years
TateLukens TateLukens Apr 14, 2016
Nutella I. AMAZING.😱😲😱😲 I love you right now.😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
orrdani orrdani Jan 20, 2016
I was dating cake but i sae him with ice cream so now i married to pie but don't tell him im cheating with cookies lol
kb0129 kb0129 Jan 18, 2016
You are me! I love unicorns and I am going to marry Nutella!