The Devil Was Once An Angel~ (Jeff The Killer Love Story)

The Devil Was Once An Angel~ (Jeff The Killer Love Story)

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Years before Jeffery was burned alive, he became acquainted with a girl who he thought knew nothing about him. Little did he know, the girl, Juliet, was an angel sent down from the Heavens to preform "The Experiment". As time goes by, Jeffery and Juliet become, friends.. well, best friends. Sooner or later, they develop feelings for each other, but a simple fight might end it all. Is it too late? When Juliet learns of his parents murder, she commits a terrible deed to avenge Jeff. Her evil act gets her stuck with Satan's apprentice, a perverted grim reaper. Years later.. her punishment might intertwine their fate once more when she meets a boy in her high school, Jeff's next victim. Will she remember her old friend? Will Jeff's brother show up and ruin it all? 

*i do not own any creepypasta characters! I have to say that for copyright reasons.*

(WickedAngel98's book #1 of the creepypasta series, you don't have to read them in order.)

Madison398 Madison398 Apr 19
Awesome story,but at the end when you mentioned the sequel,where could I find it?I thought that at the end you meant the info was in the prologue,but I could find anything.Anyway thanks for all the hard work and effort put into this story,I really enjoyed it.
but I am the Satan's Daughter........Why would'nt I be shunned from heaven??
BadBlackRosePetalsx BadBlackRosePetalsx Aug 04, 2016
typical Gods, one weak sin- then you go to hell and suffer. I bet everyone will go to hell except Jesus, Muhammad, etc.. those people
AnxietyIzzy AnxietyIzzy Dec 20, 2016
I'm just going to say this before I actually read. This is going to be amazing. You want to know how I know it will be? Because there's a character with Rin's face.
Daytime-Dreamer Daytime-Dreamer Mar 11, 2016
So what im hearing going 2 hell where Sebastian and Ciel may ok with that
HazelfromHell HazelfromHell Nov 23, 2015
THAT is thefricking best beginning ive ever read. Ohmyjuliet