Beauty and the Black Hearted Beast (BoyxBoy)

Beauty and the Black Hearted Beast (BoyxBoy)

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Kitten By Jalanda_Fuller Updated Apr 03, 2015

Love is but a fairy tale...

" Rabez! Get your bitch ass over here!"

I look up to see my father yelling at me from across the lawn.

I stand still swore from being beaten the previous hours before. Walking over to him I limp as I put weight on my knees. But I will not cry.

"Get in the car." My mother growls hitting my head.

I climb into the trunk, the only place I was allowed, as they start the car and drive away.

A hour or so later we stop. I'm pulled from the car by my hair, to this I don't cry.

I look ahead as I'm dragged into a manor.

Now I know why I was made to look presentable.

I'm soon sat at a table; for a dinner I can't eat.

No one talks to me, I stay looking at the plate. It was beautiful, the trim was painted gold and with lovely scenes of plants. I could feel someone looking at me. I chance looking knowing my father and mother where looking and talking to the lord of this manor.

I look up to see vibrant blue eyes watching me. I gasp and look back at the plate. He ...

Sorry i now picture the parents being black...i cant help it...
MusicTrix MusicTrix May 29, 2017
Wow this story put it out there as not a fairytale from the start.
starchycat15 starchycat15 Dec 22, 2017
My Arab friend had a plate thrown at his head because he was being annoying😂
Kemmilove21 Kemmilove21 Dec 14, 2017
B!tch you just mad because you don’t have the role as beauty😂
starchycat15 starchycat15 Dec 22, 2017
That's some next level star crossed lovers ish. I must go my love
Lol I'm Japanese so I understand why someone can think that's cute but kicho sorta means more like important or necessary then precious.