Janoskians Preferences

Janoskians Preferences

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Janoespinosa By Janoespinosa Updated Nov 02, 2015

How you meet.

Luke- You were sitting by the beach looking at the sky when you decided to take a picture.You took your phone out and took a picture.You felt someone sit beside you 'thats a beautiful picture you know' his strong Australian accent said 'thanks' you smiled looking at him.He had a lip piercing and plenty of tattoos.He was gorgeous.'But it's not as gorgeous as you' he grinned.'thanks' you blushed not knowing what to say 'im Luke' he said putting his hand out 'y/n' you smiled shaking it.

Daniel- It was your little sisters birthday so you decided to go to the big toy shop in town.You picked up a big teddy bear and walked out the aisle you felt a thump and dropped the teddy bear you looked up and saw a boy with brown hair and piercing looking at you his face red.You couldn't help but stare at him.He was perfect.You looked down at his hands and saw him holding so many teddy bears.You burst out laughing and looked at him he was laughing with you 'oh my god I'm sorry' he said ...

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