Off the Map (Winter Rescue #2)

Off the Map (Winter Rescue #2)

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Tamara Morgan By AuthorTamaraMorgan Completed

Scott Richardson is one superstitious bastard.

After a decade of training rescue dogs to weather the worst storms, Scott has seen it all. Good luck, bad luck - he knows that a large part of survival is being in the right place at the right time. Which is why he's determined to stay in the right far away from his cursed ex-girlfriend as possible.

Carrie Morlock is a disaster waiting to happen.

An inveterate risk taker and skilled helicopter pilot, Carrie lives life on the edge. It's her job to push boundaries and take chances - and it's a job she does well, even if her ex fails to appreciate it. Too bad Scott won't have much of a choice when one of his beloved dogs goes missing on a rescue mission. As danger rises and their luck runs out, she's the only one willing to risk her life - and her heart - to save them.

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  • christmas
  • contemporary
  • enemiestolovers
  • feudingexes
  • holiday
  • love-hate
  • novella
  • romanticcomedy
  • searchandrescue
  • secondchance
xoxogg7 xoxogg7 Oct 07, 2017
By birthday is on Friday the 13th this year. I'm having a themed party lol
thePervertYouLove thePervertYouLove Dec 12, 2017
If she clapped a hand over his cheek it woulda been better but who am I to speak 😌
thePervertYouLove thePervertYouLove Dec 12, 2017
Holly sh!ttttt I Love couple fights for this fckn reason 😂😂💯💯
volubly volubly Jul 16, 2017
I would feel salty about the pizza too but I understand why she gave it to them
thePervertYouLove thePervertYouLove Dec 12, 2017
Ok I don’t think anything he does will redeem him in my eye—but at the same time when someone is overly-superstitious any small thing can mean death or life situations in their eyes....hmmmmm we’ll see
thePervertYouLove thePervertYouLove Dec 12, 2017
Lollll. My respect to this woman, had I been in her place he would have been a thousand feet under by the first “mistake”.