Off the Map

Off the Map

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Tamara Morgan By AuthorTamaraMorgan Completed

Scott Richardson is one superstitious bastard.

After a decade of training rescue dogs to weather the worst storms, Scott has seen it all. Good luck, bad luck — he knows that a large part of survival is being in the right place at the right time. Which is why he’s determined to stay in the right far away from his cursed ex-girlfriend as possible.

Carrie Morlock is a disaster waiting to happen.

An inveterate risk taker and skilled helicopter pilot, Carrie lives life on the edge. It’s her job to push boundaries and take chances — and it’s a job she does well, even if her ex fails to appreciate it. Too bad Scott won’t have much of a choice when one of his beloved dogs goes missing on a rescue mission. As danger rises and their luck runs out, she’s the only one willing to risk her life — and her heart — to save them.

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atremble atremble Apr 06
Aw bless her heart. Re-reading this and loving it more the second time
Softclix Softclix Dec 10, 2015
OMG, this girl is unbelievable ly ditsy..really that's very different of her too think that hardly any of those things should be okay...unless she a magical..."nah nah" that s not kewl
miley-whatsgood miley-whatsgood Aug 25, 2015
this is fúcking personal man, i get it you're a dìck but this is another level
miley-whatsgood miley-whatsgood Aug 25, 2015
she has some serious self control i would of grabbed a fork and stabbed him by now.
- - Jul 26, 2015
Wow! This dude is unreal! How rude! The tension between them is soo thick.
MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas Jun 10, 2015
She's a mess but he is an arse! She's not having the best time of her life, cut her some slack