Michael's Melody ✖ clifford au

Michael's Melody ✖ clifford au

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Audrey Eve By AudreyEve Updated May 01, 2016

"Daddy, I'm just like you..."

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Talented, hard working and on the verge of ultimate celebrity, the band members of 5 Seconds of Summer are diving head first into a year brimming with badass shows and unforgettable memories. As they continue playing concert after concert in their 100+ show world tour and prepare to release their second studio album, guitarist and flirt Michael Clifford finds himself in some controversy-- a 3 foot, 30 pound controversy.

My head spins I'm pressed the wall just watching your every move and way to cool and your coming this way coming this way
purple shirt no car dosent like fifa but sexy ass drummer all u need to know oh and he was in a band before u called swallow the goldfish
voidtube voidtube Nov 12, 2016
She basically breaking up with him so that his career isn't 'ruined' by a baby
fahlterh fahlterh Jul 08, 2016
Oh my god my dad used to tell me this when I'm grumpy every morning bwahahaha
animepotato3 animepotato3 Aug 12, 2016
                              EVERYONE WAS ASKING FOR YOUR NAME 
                              YOU JUST SMILED AND TOLD THEM TROUBLE
animepotato3 animepotato3 Aug 12, 2016
Bish please get in line like the rest of them, there are no cutsies in this line.