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The Angel's Guardian

The Angel's Guardian

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Castiels-Angel- By Castiels-Angel- Updated Jun 13

When the angel Castiel loses the one thing he has ever cherished he changes, he no longer cares about the well being of others. Hell bent on getting back what was stolen from him, he meets the Winchester boys who are fighting the apocalypse, and their sister. Who isn't what she appears to be at all.

( This was a bad description I'm sorry.. I follow the SPN story line to a point. Season4 and on spoilers.) Disclaimer: All rights go to the creators of Supernatural, excluding scenes I alter as well as my own characters.
WARNING: Contains light smut, cussing (When I feel it fits the scene)

AntisSister AntisSister Jun 28
Roses are red and quite prickly 
                              Might I say that escalated quickly
Oh God this is a bad time to have watched S3 of RuPaul Drag Race
Dank-Memely Dank-Memely Jan 18
*chanting summoning ritual*
                              "-castiel? no, theres no burgers anywhere here. what?- no, dean isnt here, can this wait?- im in the middle of somethi- cAS!"
YarinMaximoff YarinMaximoff Dec 05, 2016
                              BUT THIS IS NOT GOODNIGHT
                              Sorry, U2 is life
MooseSammyW MooseSammyW Jan 02
Awwwww ☺️ I can just imagine her growing up and never being allowed to have any boys within a 3 yard radius, besides Sam and Dean of course
Katt_Natt Katt_Natt Jan 26
This is like my 4 time rereading this, I only just realised that I didn't vote. Oh well love this book by the way