Ladybugs united!

Ladybugs united!

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MsLiterature By MsLiterature Updated Oct 14, 2012

Hello earthlings! Don't be afraid we come in pieces :-) and only want to borrow your planet for a short while! Normally you see, we would use Saturn for our conference -held once a decade- but it's been shut down! :-( So we know how kind and beautiful you earthlings are :-) and thought this would be just the ticket! QUICK reminder: we are ladybugs not ladybirds, common and offensive mistake. It is vital we hold this conference as it discusses knitting each year it is held. As you probably know the woolly trade is officially down! This makes it even more important we hold the conference than normal.

Thankyou in advance, we know that you will be kind and lovely for fear of accidents!

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