Because, Its Halal - muslim Romance #Wattys 2015#YourStoryIndia

Because, Its Halal - muslim Romance #Wattys 2015#YourStoryIndia

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Always remember when you Fall in love Make it Halal and take them To Jannah.

Here's bringing you a story which will change your view on everything.
To make you believe that everything is not in your control and everything that happens...happens for your own good.
Something everyone can relate to, a series of doubts, trust, faith, temptations,  trials and Love.

Ayaat wants nothing from life but to be happy and to make others around her happy but she also believe's that Allah gave us this life so he could test us.

So what happens....when Allah SWT tests her? will she pass the test?

Read on to find out!!

Lots of love. Zoya!

OwnerOfTajMahal OwnerOfTajMahal Apr 26, 2016
thobes r amazing.. :D
                              i knew dat thobes were only white color but later abbou told that it can b of black color and other too. :)
Qoj1437 Qoj1437 Mar 11, 2016
Gripping intro. MashaAllah. Loved the line " May he earn from halaal sources"...
Ummu_Haya Ummu_Haya Nov 20, 2015
Wearing a thobe is sunnah, a way to emulate the Prophet (pbuh) and get closer to Allah; nothing to do with showing off provided the intentions are the to do the same. Going by that analogy, all actions, including praying, may or may not be ri'ya (showing off)
ashfanow ashfanow Aug 08, 2015
guess Zaroon z gonna b  da hero here. And it must he who answered da 4n.