Kuroko no Basket ❀Various x Reader❀

Kuroko no Basket ❀Various x Reader❀

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『奈々』 By Nanami_Haruka_ Updated Mar 26

This fan-fic consists of your favourite characters in cliche scenarios with the reader. 

Note: First bunch of _xOCs' are full of mistakes because they were my fresh pieces of work and I was an amateur :')

- Utterly Slow Updates -


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OhGodSomeoneActually OhGodSomeoneActually Jun 14, 2015
how can he possibly just drop a good novel?! that's just rude
TsunTsunMidorin TsunTsunMidorin Jun 07, 2015
Kyaaaa! I really like it when Shin-chan's showing his dominant side :">
haruaki_ haruaki_ Apr 02, 2015
Wow for once in my life I had the balls to do something like that
MOVEDTO_MoonAster MOVEDTO_MoonAster Mar 04, 2015
I feel like Akashis hair is more hot pink or something like that
Katsu-K Katsu-K Feb 28, 2015
I-i would first have to act crazyo do something that embarrassing...how bold >\\\\\\\\\<
anime_fanfic_maker anime_fanfic_maker Feb 17, 2015
Waaaaah~ your name sounds like the girl from Uta no Prince Sama!