Fat Camps and Makeovers [COMPLETED]

Fat Camps and Makeovers [COMPLETED]

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Only one word can describe Brooke Taylor Ashman - She's fat.

Brooke is seriously overweight, with the scales tipping at more than 280 pounds. Her arch-enemy, Juan Mitchell, a seriously despicable jock,  loves teasing her, and always go overboard on doing it.

Brooke isn't happy about that (who would be?), but there's nothing she can do, so she turns to fashion instead to relieve her troubles.

The key to slimming down comes to Brooke as Chrone's fitness camp - or what Brooke calls Fat Camp. Brooke goes to camp unsure, but soon meets some new friends. Upon losing some of her stubborn weight and realising that she can actually do something about herself, she regains her confidence and starts plotting her comeback.

It should have been easy. Get a makeover. Get a bunch of new friends. Make Juan's life a living hell. Easy peasy. Right? No. 

Brooke soon finds herself tangled in some complicated family matters. She can't shake off her stalker, who is sending some really threatening messages. She can't seem to sort out her feelings, get her priority right, and get back to her original tempo. And the worst thing? Nobody seems to be what they seem to be.

Trust is easy to lose, yet hard to gain. Too bad it couldn't be said the same for fats...

Seems like Brooke is in for a hella rollercoaster ride of her life.

Welcome to Brooke Ashman's world: the one and only.

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Im 165 and 75kg. I dont have a big belly. Not big not flat. But just them big legs tho. Ugh. I train 3x in a week
Scintilla_Elysian Scintilla_Elysian Apr 21, 2017
I'm 5'9 and 115 and I'm trying to gain some damn weight people are always telling me I'm skinny I prefer the word slim
beaut1ful_lies beaut1ful_lies Jul 05, 2017
People say I'm too skinny but honestly I loved my body until rude guys commented on it during midsole school, every guy wants a curvy girl but the want her to have a flat stomach. They want a skinny girl with boobs and butt. Now I have self confidence issues😕
-minaaa -minaaa Aug 16, 2017
wait everyone here giving advice and shît but like do anyone recommend any of those cliche aśs books where the nerd gets a makeover cause im tryna read something cliche😅
miarose49 miarose49 Sep 15, 2017
please don't tell me that she's going to fall in love with him
Scintilla_Elysian Scintilla_Elysian Apr 21, 2017
Everyone is like "me" and "same" and I'm like not me it's hard to gain weight especially when you have a high asf metabolism