The face of Hephaestus (Greek Mythology)

The face of Hephaestus (Greek Mythology)

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Rebekka By NorwegianDandelion Updated Oct 25, 2014

Some are lucky enough being born with Athena's brain, or Apollo’s talent in music. Me, you ask? I got my fathers looks. That may not have been the worst thing, unless you’re the illegitimate child of the Greek God Hephaestus, the worst looking God on Olympus.

Alexis Panagakos was used to being alone. She rarely stepped out of her little apartment in New York City, afraid of what the world would think of her. But when she accidently bumps into one of Eros’ descendants, Lander, and his friend and last assignment, Evangelina, one of Aphrodite’s many daughters, Alex’ world seems to be turn upside down.

Follow Alex' journey to discover that beauty doesn't have to come from a stunning face, and true love can be found, even in the darkest hour.

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HeartOfNature HeartOfNature May 06, 2016
But...Hephaestus was so ugly because of his injuries as a child...
ValentinaMitchie ValentinaMitchie Aug 21, 2016
Just when I though that Heffie would  ever cheat on his cheating wife 😡
techgeek101 techgeek101 Feb 09, 2015
Eve. I see what you did there. is there an Adam in her life?
ughly_ ughly_ Jun 16, 2014
I'm looking forward to reading this. The plot's intriguing and original, and I hope the rest of the book stays that way xx
quiteauthor quiteauthor May 31, 2014
Hey, <3 the story. Hephaestus is my favorite greek god too. I love the story so far! keep it up
_Ahna_ _Ahna_ Apr 18, 2014
This is such a fantatsic story so far! I loved your synopsis and this first chapter! Really intriguing and I already feel like Alexis is going to develop into a great character :)