our sex deal // h.s. [EDITING]

our sex deal // h.s. [EDITING]

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"how the fuck are we supposed to tutor each other if we can't concentrate?" she asked.

he sighs, gripping his hair, "how about this. I tutor you, and for every good grade on every test or assignment you get," he hesitated, then a grim look took over him. "I'll pleasure you."

she scoffed. "well what's in it for you?"

"you can tutor me, and if I get a good grade, you get to pleasure me." he smirked, glancing at her with his piercing green eyes. "do we have a deal?" he asked. when she didn't reply he shoved her up against a locker, whispering in her ear.

"I asked, do we have deal?"


that was all that was supposed to be. nothing more, until it all ended the moment it started. 

riley howard and harry styles. two people that gave something from each other to the other through the short amount of time they knew each other. 

riley was only supposed to know harry as someone she was having sex with. until she wanted more but he disappeared the summer of senior year.

harry told himself that he shouldn't get attached to someone he'd only known for a year, and only had a couple moments with.

when they both thought college would be easier, they were wrong.

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