Demons of the Heart

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Demons are now allowed to attend Melean Prep, and the humans don't know how they feel about that. Especially when they learn that they carry what the Demons call "Scent Triggers". It's how the Demons know who their mates are! slash yaoi mxm
this is so like my little brother but when he finally snaps you better run for the hills
He's told he's no longer first string and he says thank you am I missing something
They should practice safe sēx. ALWAYS use PROTECTION (rap it before you tap it)
HE SHOWED hahaha HE SHOWED YOU hahahahaaaa!!! :) *slamming hand down on the bed while laughing*
Ooooooo you've been knocked down from varsity to jv. Damn that gotta hurt.
Please anything in a school is possible. So something is bound to happen.