Heart Made of Glass

Heart Made of Glass

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Aya~chan By Ayame_Yu_Uchiha Completed

My name, is Miyu Uchiha. Younger sister to the S-rank criminal, Itachi Uchiha, and twin to the popular, Sasuke Uchiha.

Today I end my last day as an academy student, and begin my life as an official Kunoichi in training. It sort of scares me, but being an Uchiha, refuses to let me show it. 

I just hope I make it through this. Especially with a team like mine... 

Wish me luck.

ifangirlwithunicorns ifangirlwithunicorns Oct 24, 2016
Well you have obviously never been to Ouran Academy's Host Club
Meme_uzumaki Meme_uzumaki Nov 25, 2016
Meme_uzumaki Meme_uzumaki Nov 25, 2016
Can someone hand me a brick so I can whack them onside the head then maybe some sense could be inside their brains
The only time Naruto could pull of a transformation was when he became sasuke
KawaiiPinkPoptartCat KawaiiPinkPoptartCat Oct 28, 2016
WHO NEED A PERV BOOK WHEN YOU HAVE *sparkle glitter shine shine* WATTPAD
She's a exact copy of him in female version, how'd you not figure out...