You Have My Hand

You Have My Hand

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Zakariya Alam knows a marriage will fix his brother. His fatal mistake? He thought it would be easy.

Madina, knows her family dislikes foreigners, including foreign Muslims. Her fatal mistake? She thought they will come around.

And then there is Aaban

Abaan isn't his biological son? Does that mean his wife fell pregnant by another man?
nive1997 nive1997 Jul 20
I am also bengali and my best frnd is a muslim guy....people sometimes judge me bcz of that but who cares...he understands me and I too understand him we are best buddies
Ignore such comments sweetheart...They are worth bearing the pain :)
nive1997 nive1997 Jul 20
Yeah! People think we bengalis are coward but they don't know that we arepeace lovers....
Yasuo_LOL Yasuo_LOL Jul 22
Message to all Races: No one is superior and no one is inferior. Do not judge by someone's appearance or social status. Thank you.
ZaimaAhmed ZaimaAhmed Jul 17
This is my second time reading this book. And I'm still in love with every single character well except for Danish