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Taylor By averagepayne Completed

"What did daddy say?"

"Not to touch."


Credit to @plainly for letting me have this lovely story idea!

*Started September 23 2014*

*Completed November 16 2014*

Highest rankings for Daddy: #89 in fanfiction and #318 in teen fiction

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yoongijiminsuga yoongijiminsuga Mar 26, 2017
Dude, everyone's reading this BECAUSE it's sexual, lol. 😂
seokjinstofu seokjinstofu Dec 16, 2016
Im too young to be reading this..legitimately too young but i wanna read it cuz im kinda into daddykink i guess😋
jenellewashington1 jenellewashington1 Oct 17, 2016
It says DADDY on the cover im ready💦💦💦💦💦💦👅👅👅👅👅👅👅
bxbydolan_ bxbydolan_ Dec 27, 2016
Before we begin reading, please turn off any other devices that may distract you and grab some holy water. please. you will need it.
OneMixofParisSummer OneMixofParisSummer Nov 08, 2016
Liam is Daddy sooooo, I'm pretty sure I'm at the right place.
ImA_Directioner4ever ImA_Directioner4ever Oct 12, 2016
How to find a perfect fanfic as a horny teen:
                              1. Search word: "DADDY" , "VERY DIRTY" (Name)
                              2. Choose a book
                              3. Check for the "Mature Content"
                              4. Start reading.