Kik ➳ h.s

Kik ➳ h.s

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[i yam who i yam] By teenlord Completed

But is he really Harry Styles?

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okay but like everyone's like mE ND I'M OCER HERE SAYING WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE
richkaspbrak richkaspbrak Jul 12, 2017
i thought i was talking to him in 2013 on kik. to this day, i still don't know if it was. i highly doubt it.
SmokingTakis SmokingTakis Jul 28, 2016
I only go on snapchat, tumblr, instagram, kik and wattpad thats all
XxemilysmithxX XxemilysmithxX Feb 20, 2016
Plot twist : he's a person called Harry with long brown hair oh wait that is him erm he's James Bond that works kinda 😂😂👌🏻
prettycoolchick227 prettycoolchick227 Jan 13, 2016
Oh what she be doing on omegle all the mystery let's just say "things"
yall-need-1direction yall-need-1direction Dec 23, 2015
Omg me and my friends always go on omegle!!! And good thing too bc I found a cute guy and we are texting everyday. I remember I covered the camera and he said to uncover it and I did and he saw my face and called me beautiful. Gaaaah!!! Internet boys are sweet and then there's fuckboys...