A Place In This World [Bellamy Blake]

A Place In This World [Bellamy Blake]

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[Book 1]

 ❝Tall, dark and beautiful. He's complicated, he's irrational.❞

The Ark was dying. That's what it took for one hundred prisoners to be sent in a desperate mission to the ground. 

Athena Grace had been locked in solitary for six years due to the crime she had committed, which made her one of those lucky enough to be sent to the ground. She was fascinated by the idea, she wanted nothing more than to feel the sun on her face and for the sweet air to fill her lungs. 

But there was things she don't expect like they're life's being threatened the day they arrive by people who had survived the nuclear war, Grounders. She also didn't expect to fall in love with an self absorbed, cocky older man - by six years. She did the math.

Earth really wasn't what she expected.

daisyash daisyash Mar 15, 2016
always my least fav part in all fanfics is so sad i just want to scream 
                              "NO HONNEY ITS OKAY 
                              YOU WILL GO TO EARTH AND MEET BAE "
clxffordsx clxffordsx Feb 21, 2016
That girl on ur cover is like the exact representation of the girl I pictured Bellamy dating
_tacocat_ _tacocat_ Jun 15, 2016
Fact: anything orbiting anything is called a satellite. And they weren't in the Earth's orbit; they were orbiting Earth.
daisyash daisyash Mar 15, 2016
ive been watching the vampire diaries a lot lately and all im thinking of is the secret council out to kill vamps hahahaha
rubycitrus rubycitrus Apr 26, 2016
So I was reading another bellamy fanfics bc I finished this whole series and none of them are this good. This is one of my two all time favorite fanfictions.
casualgirlinblack casualgirlinblack May 28, 2016
I love that show, I'm watched the season finally, it was awesome