The Weight //Shameron//

The Weight //Shameron//

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hayden By haydenbraun Updated Aug 18, 2016

Beaten, broken, and confused, Shawn Mendes is ripped out of his home back in Canada and dropped in California with a women he barely remembers. Along the way, he meets a bubbly, fun-loving, loud, yet nice guy by the name of Cameron Dallas.

The two hit it off, and sparks start to fly, but not everything is as it seems. People get in the way of the boys' relationship and things happen- not entirely good. Will the two get together or are some things just too good to be true?

 BOYXBOY if you don't like, then please don't read


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MattRed1230 MattRed1230 Aug 16, 2016
y did I think of the I am number four series for books.... sam
Parmeshawncheese Parmeshawncheese Dec 08, 2016
Oh thank god for shawns part its not one of those "as soon as I layed my eyes on him" part
9_Shxawxn_8 9_Shxawxn_8 May 24, 2016
Is it just me or every time there is a teacher I imagine them with glasses in there nose and like looking up at them but not through the glasses it's weird 😂
GamerXIX GamerXIX Apr 14, 2016
Yeah same i got confused about it. (i get it now, change of pov)
____saiful ____saiful Sep 18, 2016
I wonder if the kids in the front are told to smile, creepily. Just staring at the new student.
Parmeshawncheese Parmeshawncheese Dec 08, 2016
I only saw "tight dark blue dress" and was like the hell they let a teacher dress like that 😂😂😂 (I dont have a problem with cross-dressing)