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The Missing Time Lord(A Doctor Who Fanfiction)

The Missing Time Lord(A Doctor Who Fanfiction)

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Purplereadingwriter8 By Purplereadingwriter8 Updated Jun 11, 2016

The Doctor was in love once. A woman he could spend the rest of his life with. Another Time lord. He had never loved anyone as much as he loved her. day, the two were separated. They searched and searched, but never found each other. 
 Time Lord Katherine Green, decided that she would continue her travels. Obviously not to other planets or times, due to lack of transportation, but around to other places on modern day earth. While investigating a suspicious High School, she runs into the last two people she thought she'd ever see. 

                 The Doctor, and Sarah Jane Smith!

rubyisaduck rubyisaduck Jun 21
                              (do do)
                              DO DO DO DO DUDUDU DUDUD DUDUD
                              me failing at the theme tune
I. Feel. So. Lonely. I hate Rose Tyler. Dunno why. I just do. Everyone else likes her. Why? Just because the doctor loves her doesn't mean you have to too...!
SooyoungJo SooyoungJo May 20, 2016
                              I'm sorry, I'm so, sorry, if you prefer the others, as I like 9 as the sassiest and the sarcastic one, I like 11 fairly enough, and I respect 12, but 10 is just so...... 10.
xXEternalFeelsXx xXEternalFeelsXx Jul 27, 2016
*dies of the fangirl screams being imagined in my head and the intro song*
Sissyfit Sissyfit Mar 07, 2016
This is my third time reading this book and I have no regrets
oneofthepotterheads oneofthepotterheads Aug 24, 2015
this is my second time reading this and my i say that this.Is.AWESOME!!