-Blood Boy-

-Blood Boy-

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せんせい By cookie-monstar Updated Sep 18, 2016

Arley is your typical boy, friendless, abusive father, and stressed mother. Never mind, that's not so typical. He decides to start making friends and starts off with this popular boy that no one dares to go near, thinking that all of the rumors are false, little does he know that some of them are so true. And one of them change his life.

Along with all of the drama he deals with is Troy. A guy who blackmailed Arley into pleasing him.

And then comes Michael, a boy who Arley can't seem to get enough of. Michaels happiness is his top priority.

(I tried to make a description so whatever)

This is a boyxboy story and is for mature audience so bye if you don't like this and hi if you do.

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I knew someone like this. He would always ask for hugs, feel on me, and smell me.
                              He'd be like: " you smell soooo good" or "your skin is sooooo soft".
                              .... yeah......it was weird af but at the time I was dumb enough to let him do that to me.💀💀💀
he sounds like me but except even tho I''m 'well known' I'm not popular XD
worthswhile worthswhile Sep 15
people touch my skin all the time my dumb self would've said yeah and had no problems with it
wags1313 wags1313 Sep 04
Won't it sound the same? Or is it Ar-LEH and he changes it to Ar-LEE? Or is it just a typo?? The world may never know...
NaomiEnidCrowley NaomiEnidCrowley Mar 03, 2016
Uhhmm do you mean plain? Sorry for pointing it out just wondering that's all
Already_Half_Barmy Already_Half_Barmy Apr 18, 2015
This seems pretty interesting, although she's gonna need some answers pretty soon! He's not too evil yet, although definitely a tad strange..
                              My only criticism is that there's lots and lots of short sentences and not many commas, but either way this was good