Colliding Elements (Original Draft)

Colliding Elements (Original Draft)

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Summer N. Langford By SNLangford Updated Jul 11, 2018

Finding a portal can be a bit surprising, but it can become chaos when you're pulled in with three of your friends into a whole new place filled with a lifestyle based around the zodiacs and the elements.

Best friends Kyle, Hunter, Ash, and Jim all didn't expect to be sucked into this world, and they especially didn't expect to be part of a prophecy.

Knowing they're able to control the elements of their zodiacs, they must learn to use them in order to fight the man that they're destined to face.

Blaxton is a king of one of the five countries in this world. He craves for power and is after four stones that created the powers given to man. If he holds all four of the elemental stones, then the darkness that possesses him will destroy the light in this peaceful world.

It's up to these four friends to stop King Blaxton and the darkness known as Malum.

Highest Ranking: #398 in Fantasy (10/29/2016)

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