psych ➳ muke

psych ➳ muke

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Hell, we're all a little psychotic, we're all fucked up. I just happen to hear voices. 

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Michael and Luke meet in a mental institution. 

Luke is suicidal and Michael hears voices. 

A coming of age tale about finding your true self, no matter the circumstances. 

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Michael Clifford nor do I own Luke Hemmings. The events portrayed in this story did not occur in their natural lives, although some events are based off of true stories. 

Warning: This story is rated PG-13 at the LOWEST rating. Currently, it is UNRATED for I do not know how graphic the content may become. I suggest that only mature readers view this story and if at any time during the reading process you find it to be too much, please exit the story.

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Lmao my doctor does this and I'm like bitch please just help me
peachjm- peachjm- Jan 23
he gets up there and all the patients are lined up head banging to avenged sevenfold
I'm supposed to be getting ready for school but instead I'm here laying down reading a book 😂
lostboymuke lostboymuke Dec 12, 2016
i had 2 roommates but one of them tried to sleep in my bed with me so they made her transfer to somewhere else and they were so mad and it was stupid and yeah and so then i got a new one but on my last day there i had 5 roommates and it was omfg
Pennytbbt Pennytbbt Nov 14, 2016
Bïtch it's been like two days since he killed himself the fućk do you think
castaway_iydk castaway_iydk Nov 14, 2016
Considering that it's 4 am here and I have one of my most important tests in a few hours and I haven't studied probably pretty good👍