Remember Me ➸  Sequel to 'Let Me Go' » Newt Fanfic ✓

Remember Me ➸ Sequel to 'Let Me Go' » Newt Fanfic ✓

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Remember Me ➸ Sequel to 'Let Me Go' » Newt Fanfic ✓

WICKED. They experimented on her brain, gave her telepathic powers, removed her memories, sent her into a Maze of boys, killed her... and now she lives again.


But now she remembers... Everything.

Escaping WICKED's clutches, she returns to the Maze with one goal set in mind; help her friends escape. But they don't remember her. Nobody does. Not even Newt.

And there's another change; more girls. Five more, to be exact. And Rowan finds herself sinking ever deeper into a pit of despair and jealously as Newt admits his close feelings for someone else. But they're just false memories, right?

Nevertheless, Rowan leads them away from the dreaded Maze and into a stricken world ruled by sickness. 

But will Newt remember her? Or will she be cast aside as a freak? A jealous, dangerous freak, with nothing to gain, and nothing to lose. 

'Just... Remember Me. Please, Newt... Remember Me...'

Heh TWD thoughts... NO NOW (very old spoiler)
                              NO HE'S DEAD
Omg so ready for this sequel !! BUT, does Minho and Rowan form a relationship cause I ship them sooo bad!!
rebelllll rebelllll Jul 25, 2016
I just published my first Newt fanfic and would LOVE if you checked it out!  
                              Here's the link:
deaths_daughter333 deaths_daughter333 Jan 16, 2016
WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS BABY! *victory dance* huh. Life really does go on. Also you have no idea how tempted I am to just skip to the last chapter and read it because you're so bloody good at this.
samispuretrash samispuretrash Mar 21, 2015
NOOOOO HOW COUOLD YOU FORCE ME TO FEEL SUCH PAIN AGAIN! LIKE ow!!! my feels are already damaged from the other book now this?!!! MY FEELS ARE BROKEN *trails off into sobs*
Pastel-Ghoul Pastel-Ghoul Nov 13, 2014
Oh my god I completely forgot that there was going to be a part 2! Argh!!!! I am so mad at myself!