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She's A Fighter

She's A Fighter

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raevyn sagale By raevynsagale Completed

I was kidnapped when I was 8 years old. Taken from my home. From my family. From everything i knew. I always thought that being kidnapped, meant that your taker would kill you, eventually. I was wrong. I'm still alive. You know how in woman trafficking, the girls are used for sex and drugs. Not me. I've been living in a building with a bunch of other girls who i'm sure were kidnapped like I was. And we weren't used for sex and drugs. We were used for something else. Fighting. 
Skylar Dawson, a 17 year old fighter. Trained from the age of 8 to be the best most savage fighter she can possibly be, has had nine years of pain. Learning to control it, tolerate it, and give it. After her last fight, she comes to the conclusion that she must get out. Tired of being the lap dog of J.D. So she escapes and runs to find her family, hoping to reconnect with them somehow. When she does, she finds herself in multiple situations, dealing with new emotions as she tries to get used to her new life with her family. Take a ride with her and witness her loss of innocence, her pain and hatred, and see how Jason Jones breaks down Skylar's brick wall in order to get close to her as they both struggle with their feelings for one another. But all too soon, fate has it's way and she's suddenly in for THE fight of her life.

AceriaChan AceriaChan 7 days ago
Remember to every lay for self-defense you got freaking legs.
From the rr's I am assuming this book is damn good. Please don't let my hopes down!
                              In my bed
                              12:30am on a school night
                              I am so going to regret this in the morning...
callme_addy callme_addy Jan 31
Well damn, but it doesn't really matter, have hope in you even if you look like an ant in front of an elephant ready to fight...
callme_addy callme_addy Jan 31
fourth time reading this book and he sounds even more like a pervert  every time
Mosacama Mosacama Feb 08
He's mental, should've been in the mental hospital for the rest of his life. #Mental