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Nobody's Business (Chrihanna FanFic)

Nobody's Business (Chrihanna FanFic)

39K Reads 1.4K Votes 36 Part Story
Chrianna By breezylovaa Completed

'I decided that it was more important for me to be happy and i wasn't gonna let anybody's opinion get in the way of that even its a mistake its MY mistake...'

Rihanna just moved from Barbados 
to live with her Aunt in California to escape her horrible past despite everything she's been through she tries to be a better person thats when she met Chris who had a worse past that she had he was carrying around this hate and anger , Even though everyone warned Rihanna that he was dangerous she saw something else no one saw and thought it was her duty to prove he wasn't the monster everyone saw him as. But little does she know is that shes running into something worst.
Read to find out more what will become of the two

flawless102 flawless102 Oct 19, 2016
When she says she is 16 and she doesn't mind being dead right now well that is sometimes how i feel if u read my book u will understand why
jameriauk23 jameriauk23 Dec 19, 2016
Its true when they say " you think you got it bad but somebody got it worse than you . "  It's sad that this became normal to her .
flawless102 flawless102 Oct 19, 2016
Ikr i would hate to be her and it's bad that it's normal to her no one should have to live like that
flawless102 flawless102 Oct 20, 2016
They got black china in here they might as well have some of the kardashians in here i mean bruh really
-ayyylmaoo- -ayyylmaoo- Dec 20, 2015
Dayym no offence but the name Israel I don't like any chance you can bring Robyn back or just anything els but it's your book your choices so feel free to ignore this comment lol
SayWowBackwards SayWowBackwards Oct 20, 2014
This chapter SLAYED my life. I find it cute how they all surrounded her and was sweet. Ugh inbox me