Truth behind Sakura

Truth behind Sakura

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Megi❕ By Reapers_Rose Updated Jan 06, 2016

Today was a normal day in Konoha. Everything was quiet and the sun was shining. 

Two guards were taking the first round around the village. As they were walking they came to a halt, a little girl was lying on the ground.

They both rushed to her side. When they came closer to her they stopped, her hair... it was pink.

''Hey, are you okey?'' one of them asked. She didn't move. The one that asked that felt for her heart beet. It was there but very faint. He took her into his arms and both guards went to the hospital.

skyler_germaya123 skyler_germaya123 Mar 26, 2016
Haruno isnt a clan but i know this is just youre fanfic and cuz i also love sakura so im giving a double thumbs up👍👍
Cakes-and-anime Cakes-and-anime Nov 26, 2015
@desariana and @DreamingOfTheFuture
                              Yeah the Hokage is getting pretty suspicious if ya ask me...
desariana desariana Jun 16, 2015
None of the kids in the village know this. Especially not someone new to the village.
Reapers_Rose Reapers_Rose Feb 18, 2015
@Wings_Of_Fire_3 Yeah I'm sorry about that but english isn't my first language
Dealwithitmortals Dealwithitmortals Dec 30, 2014
YEAH! Makeover from air-headed fan girl to bad *ss kunoichi!
yukio00 yukio00 Nov 15, 2014
Love it.. She's not a bitch or a fan girling.. OMG .. I'm sooo happy plus I love it